Welcome to the Enola Gaye store. This web store is dedicated to the non-pyrotechnic side of our brand, so it is not possible to purchase any smoke grenades or pyrotechnics from this website. If you require our smoke grenades you will need to find a dealer in your local area or locate a dealer that can transport them legally to you.

Enola Gaye also manufacture many soft goods that accompany our core product lines which is smoke grenades and pyrotechnics. Some of the soft goods that we make are limited edition or they may be restricted to USA or Europe allowing for different tastes.

We believe that if you buy a T-shirt or hoodie it should be something that has been well thought through, rather than just a logo slapped on an ill-fitted t-shirt. Hopefully you will find our gear better than your average clothing manufacturer. We have put our hearts into these threads and we are proud to wear them ourselves.

Keep your eyes peeled for new soft good coming through all of the time. Some clothing lines are a constant, like our EG Classic T-shirt, with only minor changes to show the different seasons. Whereas some lines appear to then disappear forever.

We hope that you enjoy…and don’t forget to tag us.

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